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Replace Your Windows and Screens with the Help of One Call Home Repair

Replace Your Windows and Screens with the Help of One Call Home Repair

Replace Your Windows and Screens with the Help of One Call Home Repair

Older homes have a bad habit of losing the screens for windows over the years. Inclement weather and natural deterioration can wreak havoc on a home’s exterior, so it’s essential to be as attentive to the outside of your Kenmore home as you would be to the inside. But who can you call for home windows and screen replacement and repair? One Call Home Repair, of course.

At One Call Home Repair, our professionals have a natural knack for replacements and repairs inside and outside your house. We operate near Kenmore and surrounding cities, giving homeowners ample opportunities to utilize our services whenever they need them. Not only are we apt in replacing and repairing windows and screens, but we are also adept in handyman and home repair services.

Whatever services you choose from our wide range of specialties, One Call Home Repair’s process begins and ends with communication. We schedule a consultation and inspection of your home before anything else. The consultation allows us to communicate with you about any issues, while the assessment will enable us to see what needs to be done with our own eyes. From there, we can give you an approximate estimate of how long the job will take and how much the repairs and replacements will cost.

Is a Screen Necessary for Your Home’s Windows?

Window screens are a safety precaution for your home’s windows. Inclement weather, such as hail or snow, can be detrimental to house windows, but screens help to slow the elements and keep them from damaging the glass. In the summertime, the same screens allow homeowners to open their windows and let the warm breezes inside without bringing the bugs inside.

One Call Home Repair has your best interests in mind, so you know you can rely on us when you need replacements and repairs of home windows and screens. Call us to inspect your Kenmore home at (425) 470-5254.