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How Wood Rot Could Destroy Your Home Deck and What to Do About It

How Wood Rot Could Destroy Your Home Deck and What to Do About It

How Wood Rot Could Destroy Your Home Deck and What to Do About It

Did you know that wood decomposes naturally? It’s compostable and goes through a natural decomposition process, which means, if left untreated, it will eventually begin to break down inside and outside your Bothell home. The decomposition process is known as wood rot, and it can send your support beams, porch posts, and planks tumbling to the ground. Fortunately, One Call Home Repair specializes in wood rot repair services.

Building a deck? Replacing your living room floor? Using old wood to construct new cabinets? All of the wood you use must be treated to retain structural integrity. Older home? You can’t help if the previous owners of your home weren’t savvy about the effects of wood rot, but you can ensure that you don’t have as many problems with it in the future. One Call Home Repair can schedule a thorough inspection of your new (older) home, and we can offer you a rundown on the conditions of the wood throughout.

Wood rot is usually easy to spot so that you can see it yourself. Some signs of wood rot include:

  • Damaged and splintered wooden planks or decayed crumbling wood.
  • Strands of timber on planks, cabinets, and floors.
  • Mushrooms and other growth suddenly sprout on your home’s interior or exterior wood.

What’s the Reparation Process of Wood Rot?

If wood rot hasn’t gone too far into the wood, it can be removed with a hammer. The wood is then sanded down to reveal healthier wood underneath. Lastly, wood restoration is used as filler, polish, or both to treat the remaining wood.

One Call Home Repair’s wood rot repair services improve the quality of your Bothell home. Through a thorough process of inspection and reparation, we can ensure that your home’s wood lasts another decade or longer. You can learn more by calling (425) 470-5254.