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Give Us a Buzz for Door Installations for Your New Brier Home!

Give Us a Buzz for Door Installations for Your New Brier Home!

Congratulations on your new Brier home! It’s a big step to be a homeowner, and you’ve undoubtedly got plenty of renovation plans in mind. We can help you get started in remodeling what will be your dream home! One Call Home Repair is well-versed in door installations and other renovation services so that you can build the home of your dreams from the foundation of another.

Some of what you’d consider the smallest or most mundane home renovation plans could be the most important. Doors, for example, are essential to privacy and structural integrity in larger homes. When you need a new installation, One Call Home Repair has the experience and expertise to hang a new door or several in your home perfectly. Additionally, if you are interested in aesthetics, dozens of different door designs are available to choose from regarding woods, colors, carvings, and knobs. You could have a lot of fun adding a new door to your new home!

Does Remodeling a Home Have to Happen All at Once?

Many homeowners are under the impression that they have to shell out mounds of money for a sweeping renovation of their homes. They see it as one big picture project from one side of the house to the other… which can be daunting. Luckily, real renovations don’t have to happen all at once. You could easily remodel your home incrementally based on needs, expenses, and time in your schedule.

Home renovation is as much about your schedule and budget as it is about the specifics of each remodel. We strive to be accommodating, so let us know what you have in mind! You can contact One Call Home Repair at (425) 470-5254 to learn more about our door installations and other renovation services for your Brier home.